5 Natural Therapeutic Soaps and Tea, For Your Skin Problems

5 Natural Therapeutic Soaps and Tea, For Your Skin Problems

Natural Therapeutic Soaps and Tea: Nature has created natural soaps enriched by active natural additives that effectively cope with fatty and dry seborrheic, acne, purulent rash, skin infectious diseases. Natural active additives are not characterized by contraindications and injuries. They are absolutely harmless for humans and the environment.

The correctly chosen sap is not only to smoke dust and dead cells on the skin, we have already talked about in the previous article, but you can liberate the skin from the most abrasive problems and protect it from the harmful action of the aggressive environment.

Natural Therapeutic Soaps and Tea: Soap “birch bark

Nature offers you the opportunity to forget about acne. Acne is the source of fat and water in the pores of the skin, which is a lovely habitat for inflammatory microbes. Fighting with Acne for natural soap is very easy.

Natural soap “birch bark” deeply cleanses pores, destroys inflammatory microbes, prevents the addition of fat and water in the pores.
The main work of this sap is two active additives: birch wooden kupri, which results in strongly expressed antimicrobial properties, harmful microorganisms and bucket oils that are nourishing and moisturizing the skin, helping to reduce the scarring.

The only disadvantage of a birch tree – its unpleasant odor, but the solution is natural Sochi’s natural soup, which you can use when acne strain. It will help your skin maintain the balance of fat, and therefore will not allow you to reduce the inflammatory microbes in your skin.

Sulfur soap with jojoba oil – “Sara”

Natural Therapeutic Soaps and Tea: Sulfur is a necessary microorganism for the body and is considered to be a “beauty microelement”. From ancient times, sulfuric anti-inflammatory and anti-epithelial properties, it is because these properties have been used in skin beauty and health recipes since time immemorial.

Natural sulfur natural Therapeutic Soap is effective in eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin fungal diseases, seborrheic, purulent rash. Avocado and jojoba oil in its composition moisturizes and gives velvet the skin, removes the hips and tension caused by skin problems.

Nymph soap – the power of the oil

According to Neem Oil, a completely unknown for Georgian consumers is aluminum. It is called rural drugs and is used for almost all types of problems, skin infectious diseases or mechanical injuries, dryness or excessive fatigue, allergic or infectious rash … And everywhere the oil is ready to help and clean the skin.

The only drawback is a very specific smell, between the intermediate burned onion and garlic smell. However, if you have at least one of the benefits of using the soap, it will definitely forgive you.
Soap “Nymph strength” is ideal for the damaged and problematic skin. Effectively moisturizes and softens skin, infects skin infections such as acne, eczema, dry and greasy seborrheic, infectious rash, neurodermia, psoriasis.

Australian tea tree soap – “natural protection”

Contemporary, highly advertised, antibacterial soaps contain quite aggressive antibacterial supplements – trichlazan whose acne is already spoken out loudly.

However, since everyday protection from harmful bacteria is very important for modern humans naturally created an antibacterial soap, the basis of which is the natural antimicrobial component – Australian tea tree oil!

Australia’s population was widely used in family medicine, and the rest of the world saw this exotic plant in the late nineteenth century when it found powerful antimicrobial substances that were 10 times stronger than phenol and carb.

Ethernet received from her immediately came to the soldier’s field pharmacy and was widely used during World War I as an effective means of processing wounds. Natural tea tree soap “natural protection” is characterized by sharply expressed antibacterial action.

Cleanses the skin, helps in the healing of surface damage, removes the inflammation process, strengthens the skin’s properties, does not drier, but also hydrates it. Its use is recommended for all skin types.

Olive, hypoallergenic soap – Castile

The naturalness has brought you back to the classic Castilian soap!
Castile soap is one of the oldest types of soap. The Spanish province of Castile is considered to be his homeland, from which the unique natural soap is spread throughout the world.

The first information about this soap is 1567-68 Dated.
The main component of the Castile soap is olive oil, which is unique in its function. It is this oil that has a moisturizing and soothing effect, and so on

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