About Domestic Spa – Advice and Skin Tips, Get White Face!

When we think about Domestic spa procedures, we usually presume a great center of expensive services and means. However, more and more popular domestic spa. It not only helps us to save money – it is a possibility that you can try yourself any day with subtle care. Get acquainted with our advice and take care of the home spa with all the rules!

First of all, you need a calm atmosphere to relax. Take a clean towel, a romantic candle (preferably aromatic), and turn on quiet music that will help you to create a sense of mood and stress you.

Domestic spa

Energy Bathroom

The most important element in the spa conditions – Before bathing, add a little oil and put on the face mask. Insist at least half an hour in water. Relax, breathe slowly and breathe.

Using Domestic spa After Shower

After holding the bathroom procedure, it is necessary to take a shower. Use shower gel and scrub for face and body. Skirts will add to your skin’s sensitivity and moisture.

Face care

Nothing is better when your skin looks younger. Serve your face with a circular motion and ending the day or night creams.

Domestic spa

Moisturizing Massage

After showering, apply a moisturizing cream throughout the body until the skin is slightly damp. This will help in maintaining moisture. For best results, it is best to treat the skin with a slightly moisturizing towel. Do not forget the body lotion and hand cream!


Wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner while showering, ( Domestic spa )and then apply a hair mask. Shift yourself with a towel or use a shower cap and slightly warmed up with a layer. The warmth will help to mask your hair well into hair follicles. If your hair is dry, repeat the process again.

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