Get Oily Skin – 8 Tips For Oily Skin – By Get White Skin

To improve the appearance of oily skin, here are 8 supereffective tips.

Get Oily Skin 1. If you have acne, consult a dermatologist before using a cosmetic. He knows better than anyone what your skin needs after making a diagnosis.

Get Oily Skin 2. Sleep the hours you need. It is essential to rest well to show healthy skin and more light.

Get Oily Skin 3. Clean your face, both day and night, with a specific product for this type of skin, if possible with circular movements and a lot of hydration, also at the time of clarification. Experts recommend not using soap, as it can further dry the skin.

Get Oily Skin 4. After cleaning your skin, use an astringent tonic to try to reduce excess fat, and to prevent pores and other impurities from forming.

Get Oily Skin 5. Uses usual masks. Of course, always on clean skin and without leaving it on the skin for more than half an hour. It is also good to resort to a peeling from time to time, it is the simplest way to eliminate dead cells.

Get Oily Skin 6. Watch your diet. Choose better fruits, vegetables, low-fat meats (preferably white, such as chicken or turkey) and … lots of fiber! Avoid as much as possible foods based on refined sugar, alcohol or red meat.

Get Oily Skin7. Be very meticulous with hygiene. Try not to touch your face with dirty hands and always keep them clean when applying any cream, lotion or tonic. Do not touch the pimples either, if you do, you can cause inflammation and, later, an infection or the appearance of impurities.

Get Oily Skin8. Practice exercise whenever you can. It is recommended for everything, but it is also important for the skin, especially aerobic exercise: sweat helps eliminate toxins and maintain a healthy weight, which is very beneficial for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. skin.

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