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Tips For Oily Skin: The brightness and the constant threat of granite formation are the negative points of oily skin. Sometimes it is not very aesthetic to go with a face full of wounds, grains or fat but the good (something good had to have) is that it is a strong and resistant skin, capable of slowing aging. But we do not want you to stay with the problem, so here are some solutions.

Cleary Care, Tips For Oily skin

Thick and resistant, rarely presents problems, apart from episodes of excessive sebaceous production during which we must try not to clog the pores. In the long run, oily skin is a guarantee of youth, and although it does end up surrendering to the law of gravity, the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expression is often delayed.

Keep in mind that if you have an oily skin only in the chin area, nose and forehead but on the cheeks, the skin is drier, yours is a mixed skin. If you do not desire your skin type well, you can not treat it properly.

Basic care: Tips For Oily skin

-A good cleaning: oily skin is more resistant to the sun -which acts as an astringent agent reducing the production of fat- and external aggressions, but needs an optimal cleaning to offer a good texture.

Cleansing gels and lotions that are removed with water are the best options, and you can resort to exfoliation more than once a week to stay free of impurities. Purifying masks are highly recommended after summer, when a rebound effect may occur.

-Hydration. Do not fall into the cliché that oily skin can go “without cream”. You have to choose light textures that penetrate easily. Mattifying wipes are very practical when it comes to removing shine without having to resort to makeup.

l Mattifying make-up funds are required. Keep in mind when choosing shades and rouge, that you always have to choose powder textures. Oily skin “eats” the makeup and demands retouching.

The opinion of the expert: Oily skin is determined by an overproduction of the sebaceous glands. You can not fall into the error of not hydrating it. Needs the same care as dry skin; the only things that have to be avoided are comedogenic products and use more evanescent textures.


-Effaclar K, from La Roche Posay (€ 13.90), is an anti-acne treatment with anti-reappearing action.
-Normaderm Day Moisturizing Treatment, from Vichy (€ 18), provides a more purified texture.


80% of young people between 12 and 18 have to deal with this problem habitually. It is a passenger, but if it is not treated properly, it can leave sequels. Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin. Its manifestation is the granites that appear in the so-called seborrheic areas.

The problem begins with an excessive secretion of fat by the pilosebaceous glands, which results in a filling of the hair follicle. “Granite” is the generic term, but it can be differentiated into comedones, pustules, papules, nodules, and cysts.

The process is the following:

1. There is an overproduction of sebum in the pilosebaceous gland.
2. An inflammatory and infectious process begins.
3. The infection surfaces on the surface of the skin, which acquires the relief that will form the grain.

Basic care: Tips For Oily skin
  • – Follow an extremely careful hygiene twice a day with a mild soap and dry without rubbing.
  • -Use specific oil-free and non-comedogenic cosmetics.
  • -Do not manipulate the grains. Only new lesions appear and, in the long run, permanent scars remain.
  • -Never abandon the treatment. Constancy is the best weapon.

The opinion of the expert: 25% of the dermatological consultations are due to acne. Eight million Spaniards pace him, but only 69% are in treatment.

This can be topical (peroxide, retinoid) or systemic (antiandrogens, isotretinoin). Phototherapy, CO2 laser and chemical peels are also very effective.


In 15% of cases, acne can “debut” at older ages and the latest statistics show figures that indicate that one out of every ten women over thirty years old.

Its origin is hormonal. There are medications that control fat (antiandrogens), others that control the hypercornification of the follicle (keratolytic) and others that control inflammation and infection (antibiotics). Systemic retinoids are also able to control all the causative factors.

Shopping: Tips For Oily skin

-Normaderm Treatment Night, Vichy (€ 19.01), acts on black spots and redness.
-Blemish + Age Defense, from SkinCeuticals (€ 77), treats mature skin with imperfections.

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